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As I approach my twins' first birthday, I want to thank you again, Donna. You were a life saver! I called Donna in a...

Posted by Alycia Blaeser on Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Donna came to my home twice within the first month my son was born in July 2015. I was having latching issues and needed help with the basics. Donna came the next day of calling her on a Friday and I was so grateful because I didn’t want to hang on until after the weekend. Donna immediately noticed that my son had a tongue tie which was most likely making nursing difficult. Each time she came she was patient and kind and made what felt daunting at he time seem simple and wonderful. She gave me hope that I could breast feed my son successfully. Each time she left, I was left with a handful of information to use and practice and when Donna followed up with me afterwards, I felt that she truly cared. Her passion clearly shines through in all she does and says and I highly recommend her. my son and I are exclusively breast feeding four months later!!
— S.
Hey Donna, was just thinking of you as I was posting in one of my pumping Facebook groups. A lot of women who exclusively pump had bad experiences with their IBCLCs and I wanted to thank you for being so supportive and trying to help me when I was really struggling. As an update- I’ve been exclusively pumping for a few months now (Lulu is 5mo), and she hasn’t had any formula for over 3 months! I produce an average of 32 ounces per day, she eats 26-30. We tried to get her to latch for awhile but it was clear she was much happier with the bottle. I was thinking that while I know your job is to help women to nurse directly, if someone really can’t do it exclusively pumping is definitely a lot better than giving up and switching to formula.
— Jesse
Breastfeeding is no easy undertaking for a modern mother. There are balances to work out, pitfalls to anticipate, and complications! I’ve been through so much breastfeeding both my children: the one I gave birth to, and the one my wife gave birth to before I’d ever been pregnant! And still I know there is more I never experienced!
That was how we met. Donna was at a cord blood promotion. She informed the crowd about breastfeeding until even the formula promoter sheepishly admitted breastfeeding sounded better. But I had a question I hadn’t been able to get anyone to answer in all my research before Donna: How can I breastfeed my wife’s child-by-birth?
Well let me tell you, she wasn’t cheap but she was the expert who kept her promises. Donna swooped in and held my hand through the whole process. No one else even knew the answer to that question but Donna navigated the most modern research, directed me through every complication, and held my hand (our hands) throughout the whole thing! And it IS a process! So many women have casually mentioned they they “couldn’t” or “shouldn’t” for all kinds of various reasons. But I feel like I’ve been through Breastfeeding Boot Camp so that now I can see the parts they misunderstood. Donna taught me everything. It’s now seven years later, and we just finished breastfeeding this summer. It’s been beautiful and our boys are magnificent and we owe all that fulfilling, and immunizing, IQ boosting bonding time to Donna!
— Ali P.

Dr. Jay Gordon, Celebrity Pediatrician & Nutritionist


Mom Review - "Phenomenal Experience!"

I contacted Donna 4 days postpartum when I was having bad pain while nursing my son. I spoke to her on a Thursday afternoon, and she was in my home on Friday morning. Donna was kind and encouraging throughout our entire session. I immediately felt comfortable with her. She was quick to diagnose the problem and gave me a list of options to help fix the problem. She was extremely knowledgeable and well informed. Before she left, with a strategic plan in place, she reviewed all information and doubled and tripled checked that I felt confident executing the new strategies. Donna never made me feel rushed, and stayed well beyond our scheduled meeting. Over the course of the next few days Donna reached out to check on me several times. She was also immediately available to talk when I had questions for her. My husband and I were thrilled with Donna’s services and we would highly recommend her. Thank you Donna for all that you did for our family!!
— Jennifer W

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